The Ultimate Team Building Activity – Elite Combat Simulator!


Elite Combat Simulator Scottsdale Phoenix team building activity

Are you looking for a team building activity that will take you’re group to a new level of fun, excitement, intensity and focus?

How about a team building activity where your group becomes a Special Operations Team for a day in this action packed adventure. Your squad will be equipped with uniforms, tactical gear and the most advanced non-lethal training weapons available.

We’ll take your team building activities to the next level of fun, excitement, intensity and focus.  You’ll utilize real rifles converted to fire “man marking rounds”. The same type of training and simulation equipment used by special forces units.

No experience is necessary to be a part of this team building adventure.

As part of Spec Ops Team Six, your team building activity begins with a series of training evolutions designed to help prepare you to complete three “real-world” missions. Training includes:

  • Basic and advanced weapon tactics
  • Rappelling
  • Door breaching
  • Use of flash bangs
  • Room clearing

Upon completion of your training, your team will complete three missions based on real world operations.

  • High value target raid to capture a terrorist courier
  • Hostage rescue mission
  • Operation Neptune Spear – the raid that killed Usama Bin Laden

We will supply all necessary equipment (uniforms, tactical gear, converted firearms, simulated ammunition, etc.)

Duration: Up to 6 hours

Meeting Location: Wintersburg General Store, 2614 S Wintersburg Road, Tonopah, AZ 85354  (About 1 hour west of Phoenix.)  Transportation can be provided for an additional fee. Please call for more info.

Price:  $450 pp

Number of Guests: Minimum group size is 6. Maximum group size is 24.

Minimum Age: 12 and up

Dates Available: Adventure is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (October – April)

WATER IS PROVIDED. PLEASE BRING LUNCH, SNACKS, OR ANY OTHER NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES YOU WOULD LIKE.  Lunch can be provided for an additional fee.  Call for more info.

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